Lasers And Strobes In The Taxi

Lasers And Strobes

While Riding In The Ultimate Taxi:

  • Taxi Now Shooting TV Show With The The EZ-1 DV Camera
  • Check Out All The Celebs Who Have Taken A Spin Around Aspen
  • See Who's Riding In The Car, On The TaxiCam Page
  • Here's A Colorado Sunset And The View Out The Front Windshield
  • Here's What It Looks Like Inside The Taxi From The Backseat
  • My Favorite Link Is To The Mail, Sent From Every Corner Of The Earth
  • Or Check Out The New Features Of The Taxi's Message Board!!
  • Follow This Link To The Photos Of Passengers Index
  • This Weeks Movie Pick Is The 5th Element With Taxi's That Fly!
  • Here Are Some Fun Sites With Links    To, And Reviews Of, The Taxi
  • This Beautiful Photo Of The Taxi Was Published All Over The World
  • Check Out The Mirror Ball, The Meteorite Or The Fog In The Taxi
  • I Always Comp Rides For The Sunshine Kids Cause It's Better To Give...
  • View A Cool Animation Of The Taxi Or My Laser Magic Trick
  • This Is A Current 3D Cloud Image Of The U.S. From 22,000 Miles Up
  • Got A Funny One ?? Here Are Some Jokes
  • Maybe You'd Like More Technical Details?? OK Fine!!
  • Look At All The Hi-Tech Equipment, And What I Pay For Gas
  • This Site's Wild When You Have 3D Glasses And RAINBOW Glasses
  • This Funny Column Information Age Overdose Is Must Reading
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