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How Can I Make A Reservation For A Ride ??

If you need to schedule a ride, you can reach me at (970) 404-1290 or send me an E-Mail

Do You Charge By The Mile, Or What??

I don't do regular taxi rides... The Ultimate Taxi ride is a 40-50 minute musical, magical adventure around Aspen. The group costs is $260.00. The ride includes toys, photos, rainbow glasses and a page in this award winning site!! Your page is hosted here forever!!

Have You Ever Been On TV ?

Yes, since 1989, The Ultimate Taxi has been featured on many programs. Here is the List Of TV Shows From Around The World.

Do You Really Have Lasers In The Taxi??

Yes, there are currently 12 lasers, 5 green, 3 Red, 2 Purple and one blue mounted in the Taxi. The lasers are diffracted for the multi-beam effect! Laser Photos

Are You In The Taxi Right Now ??

I am in The Ultimate Taxi between 7:00pm and 10:30pm most nights. At other times, the car is parked and recharging on DC chargers.

What Do The Police Think ??

Over the years, I have entertained most of the Aspen Police , and the Pitkin County Sheriffs. They seemed to enjoy the ride.

Cool Animation Of The Cab

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