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Jon Barnes And The Ultimate Taxi 2009

    Welcome Aboard, I'm Jon Barnes. You Are Now In The Ultimate Taxi, In Aspen Colorado. While Driving, I Perform Magic, Run A Laser, Fog, Fiber Optic, Neon, Light Show, And Play Keyboards, Synth Drums, Electric Sax And Sing... While Running This Site From A Wireless T1 Radio Link, With Nikon, Kodak, And Panasonic Digital Cameras, And A Sony F-270 Notebook Computer. Check Out The TaxiCam, Celeb Photos, Video Clips, And Lots More!! Contact By Email, Or Calling 970-927-9239.

To The TaxiCam!

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"The Zaniest Checker Cab Ever Made"...The New York Times
"The Only Recording Studio, Theater, Nightclub, Planetarium, Toy Store, Internet Connected Taxi In The World"
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